Tyler Smith

Northwestern Michigan College,


"It's really difficult to take care of something if you don’t know what it looks like and how it functions. The data collected with marine technology is going to lead to making better decisions."

How are they making waves?

Tyler Smith is a student at Northwestern Michigan College studying Marine Technology with a professional foundation of communications, education, coordination/management, and media production. Tyler recently started the student section of the Marine Technology Society, a professional society for marine technology, mapping, hydrography, robotics, and the official student sector of the organization centered in the college. By leveraging the resources that exist in the area, they seek to have a student-led organization that will strengthen marine technology, and create real forward movement in hydrography, robotics and more. 

Tyler is also completing an internship with the communications department of the Schmidt Ocean Institute. A new research vessel is running science expeditions studying hydrothermal vents and other deep sea science. His job is to create a link between the hard science that happens at sea, and the audience at home through social media, videos and more. 

Applications of innovation for future use

Facts about issues being addressed

Less than 15 percent of the Great Lakes floors have been mapped using high-resolution bathymetry technologies.