Raúl Mondragón Segura

"Reactivating more of Xochimilco's productive area can improve food security, resource efficiency, and mitigate the effects of climate change in the metropolitan area. To achieve these goals, I have co-designed an intervention methodology based on three key areas: sustainable agriculture, supply chain management, and community organization."

How are they making waves?

Raúl Mondragón Segura is an agriculture scholar and has been working on strengthening social capital in the chinampa zone since 2017. His focus has since shifted towards pursuing socio-environmental justice for Mexico through agroecology and peasant organization. He is promoting organized communities that focus on sustainable use and management of resources such as water, soil, and cultural heritage. He is a co-founder of Colectivo Ahuejote.

Applications of innovation for future use

Facts about issues being addressed