Paige Roper


Fraser River Estuary

""By understanding the ecology of their diets, it can help hatchery managers better feed the salmon to set them up for success""

How are they making waves?

Paige is a biologist and research associate at Raincoast and is doing her masters at UBC in the pacific salmon ecology and conservation lab.

Paige is investigating the diet of juvenile chinook salmon in the Fraser River Estuary, specifically in eelgrass habitat, a very good area for salmon to make the adjustment from freshwater to ocean.

Applications of innovation for future use

Something is not allowing hatchery fish to be successful; by better understanding the diets of different salmon populations, hatchery managers can adjust their approaches to improve hatchery salmons’ chances of success in the wild.

Facts about issues being addressed

Hatchery salmon have lower success rates than wild salmon, which is not fully understood by researchers.