Maria Eduarda Carvalho

"We will only have projects to revitalize urban rivers when people desire it. And people still need to know that they want it. Because we have become so far apart from the water that we only will know it if we have a good experience near the water. That is why the name of one of my projects is: Seeing the River. People need to see it to want it. First, it is about dreaming; then, doing and believing."

How are they making waves?

Civil Engineer, Master in Water Resources (Revitalization of urban rivers with a socio-hydrological approach: case study of the Capibaribe basin, Recife-PE) and doctoral student in the same area. Activist for a cleaner and more leisurely Capibaribe River.

Co-founder of the socio-environmental project “A ver o rio”, which aims to draw attention to the cities’ rivers through cultural actions.


Applications of innovation for future use

In 2020 she created and coordinated the Floco (river carnival block) – A ver o rio, a multidisciplinary event that took people to celebrate the momo’s party inside the Capibaribe river (@aver.capibaribe). In 2022 she was one of the producers of the Capibaribe Festival, a festive and environmental education event on the Capibaribe River, Recife-PE (@festivalcapibaribe). She is also the founder of Recicultura, a tourism company that connects people with the city of Recife through tours-experiences (@recicultura).

Facts about issues being addressed