Juliana Granzoti


Charlottetown, PEI

"I’m trying to create a series of webinars with experts to talk about different approaches."

How are they making waves?

Juliana Granzoti, UPEI Climatesense intern is doing work with local watershed groups and community members to encourage knowledge mobilization on climate change related topics.

She hopes that by engaging and informing community members preventative mitigation efforts will be better understood and carried out.

Juliana is doing this engagement through a number of informative workshops.

Applications of innovation for future use

Juliana is working with the PEI watershed alliance to deliver these workshops and inform community members of adaptation projects, including the living shoreline project. It will be presented as a virtual webinar.

Facts about issues being addressed

A knowledge gap between the general public and science community on climate change related topics has disrupted the effectiveness of many mitigation measures.