Ian Picketts

Squamish, BC

"People respond to what they can see, feel and touch. This is true for climate impacts and adaptation, and also to understand what a resilient low-carbon community looks and feels like. People often fixate on the negatives that a change will bring, but often do not realize positive co-benefits – things like community cohesion, safety, cost savings and walkability."

How are they making waves?

Ian Picketts is the Manager of sustainability and Climate change for the District of Squamish. His research includes climate change adaptation in the realm of infrastructure. Specifically he is interested in how climate change can affect resource development in his community in Squamish.

This is where his project “Spaces, Places and Possibilities” comes into play. This project looks into integrating urban systems modeling with visualization techniques, to more informed decisions on building of physical infrastructure.

Applications of innovation for future use

The “Spaces, Places and Possibilities” will inform the construction of infrastructure in Squamish so locals will be better prepared for more extreme weather incidents.

Facts about issues being addressed

The Squamish region has recently experienced intense flooding and an increase in atmospheric flooding which has affected a lot of infrastructure in the region.