Hassan Awad

BioSetter Leb,


How are they making waves?

Hasan Awad and his team are working on the Biosetter project, founded as part of WIL Lebanon 2021. BioSetter Leb is a biogas production start-up that will produce and supply biogas to farmers, industry, and households. The team has been conducting numerous studies in the eastern part of Lebanon “Al-Bekaa” to assess the biogas potential and physicochemical characteristics of the local feedstock, with the purpose of deepening their understanding and knowledge in the matter and becoming Lebanon’s leading source of bioenergy related information.

Applications of innovation for future use

BioSetter Leb hopes to diversify renewable energy sources, reduce reliance on fossil fuels and chemical fertilizers, reducing the abundant supply of livestock and poultry manure, food waste, agricultural residue and wastewater sewage sludge from an environment which prevents nitrogen pollution and runoff into water resources.

Facts about issues being addressed

In addition to scientific research, the team implemented three prototypes aiming to develop a final product that can generate gas and biofertilizer all year long at an affordable price.