Gabriela Holanda

"As a movement and scene artist, I investigate in my creative processes the approximation between performance and ecology, the intertwining of artistic languages and composition strategies rooted in the relationship with the memory of the place and the environment. Mixing artistic languages, traditional and scientific knowledge, dialoguing with different professionals, social actors and from diverse contexts in the fight for the water protection made me broaden the perspectives of my actions in the world. Currently, I am interested in the mixture, the in between, and the encounter that the performing arts, art education, and the waters provoke. To dive into the waters is also to bathe in all the mythical, cultural and geopolitical complexity that surrounds it."

How are they making waves?

Gabi Holanda is a multi-artist, researcher and art educator. She has a degree (UFPE) and a master’s degree in Scenic Arts (UFBA), works in different productions in dance, theater and audiovisual, and investigates in her creative processes the approximation between performance and ecology, the intertwining of artistic languages and composition strategies situated in the place. The artist is the creator of Sopro d’Água (Breath of Water), a performance project in which, through compositions in eco-performance, photo performance and contemporary dance, she transposes the human aquatic and environmental dimension, going from ancestral memories to the urgency of the water issue. With this show, she traveled through several festivals and received awards as best dramaturgy of the body, Light Design and Costume (XVI Amazon Theater Festival, 2022), as well as the best dancer (26th Festival Janeiro de Grandes Espetáculos, 2019).


Applications of innovation for future use

Currently, she is developing the artistic and socio-environmental project ‘Catando memórias de um ex-rio’ (picking up memories of an ex-rio), about the affections and conflicts connected to rivers in urban space, unfolding in: itinerant performance À Beira; short film Memories of an ex-river; workshop Corpo-Afluente; audio performance series Leito. In this process, he dives especially into the memories of the Fragoso River, in Olinda, intertwining the language of eco-performance and documentary filmmaking.

Facts about issues being addressed

For 8 years, she has been working as an art educator with diverse public profiles and contexts. In the pedagogy of art and ecology, she conceived, coordinated and facilitated the transdisciplinary course Body-Environment in Flux; was coordinator, curator and mediator of the Webinar Dialogues between Art and Ecology (30th FETEAG); developed the artistic residence Afluentes: Among the veins of the city (Transborda Show, Sesc-PE).