Derek Gilbert

Squamish, BC

"With the warming climate, we’re going to see more frequent and intense atmospheric rivers in the future so its important to develop strategies to understand how they work and travel."

How are they making waves?

Derek Gilbert, a PhD candidate at UNBC in the field of hydrology undertook a project to mitigate the effects of increased precipitation in Squamish due to climate change.

He and his team built weather stations around the community to try and better prepare for atmospheric rivers, which have become more common in the area.

Applications of innovation for future use

Derek hopes to do work in hydrology and related fields in the future and specifically the ways groundwater and how it interacts with the surface through a geological lens. His eventual goal is to do research and consulting work in this field.

The data which comes from the atmospheric rivers monitoring will go on to inform community members and warn them of severe weather patterns so they in turn can protect infrastructure and be better prepared for such events.

Facts about issues being addressed

This past fall Squamish experienced record breaking flooding.