Celeste Schoahs

Student Ambassador,


"Now more than ever we must prioritize protecting our sources of freshwater."

How are they making waves?

Celeste is a Student Ambassador for Waterwise, and has been deeply involved in water work in her community in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. 

Celeste shared with us her experience working on water issues the Great Lakes: 

Growing up next to Lake Superior has allowed me to develop a strong passion for protecting our bodies of water. We are extremely lucky to be situated between the Great Lakes and have access to these sources of freshwater. Throughout the past year I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with various freshwater organizations. I contributed to creating the federal proposal for the Canadian Water Agency. Also, I am the Student Ambassador for Waterwise where I connect with hundreds of community partners and organize events such as lakeshore cleanups. Furthermore, I worked with the Invasive Species Lab where I learned about aquatic invasive species. 

I feel strongly about advocating for freshwater especially in my community and beyond. I am pleased to be a committed member of my community’s environmental groups such as Clean North, but also to be recognized on a more global scale by being named the winner of the Young Women in Public Affairs Award for Zonta.Student Ambassador, Waterwise

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