Catherine Kennedy

Tea Hill Park,

Stratford, PEI

How are they making waves?

Catherine is conducting coastal erosion measurements across PEI for the ‘Living Shoreline’ project.

Catherine is installing pins along coastlines in PEI which are used to gauge the impact of coastal erosion.

Applications of innovation for future use

The pins Catherine installs will report back to members of the
Climatesense lab and give them data on what infrastructure in PEI is endangered, and how much the coastlines are eroding.

This data will go on to inform projects like the Living shoreline as well. These units of measurements have and can be used internationally as well, as many countries begin to start mitigating possible flooding.

Facts about issues being addressed

PEI’s coastline erodes about 30cm each year.

As sea level continues to rise, this rate of erosion will rise as well.

This is a major concern for infrastructure built on these unstable coastlines, many residences and businesses will be affected.