Cassie Groves

Skeena Wild

"We do field trips and do water quality testing and they can see for themselves - and interpret their own results, it’s cool to see them take responsibility."

How are they making waves?

Cassie Groves is an environmental educator working with SkeenaWild in Terrace , BC. She is tasked with teaching the younger generation about watershed advocacy and how to best care for their local waterways through hands-on work

Together with young students Cassie does aquatic macroinvertebrate surveys. Students go out and hunt different types of bugs which are indicators of stream health. This process teaches them the importance of  biodiversity outside of the classroom, which is especially imperative to preserve the abundance of salmon in the Skeena watershed.

Applications of innovation for future use

Make young people more knowledgeable about the importance of watershed health.

Facts about issues being addressed

Biodiversity is imperative for the health of the delicate ecosystem of the Skeena river, home to some of the most diverse species of salmon.