Brooklyn Tupper

Squamish, BC

"Mountain glaciers are receptive and reactive to changes in temperature so when the temperature rises you’re getting more melting and the glacier is going to retreat. The rate at which that happens is proportional to the rises. The glacial runoff has a big effect on sea level which is another big thing. When you have development on land, especially coastlines that has a lot of effects for humans."

How are they making waves?

Brooklyn Tupper is the grand-daughter and daughter of two acclaimed glaciologists in the Squamish region. Her grandfather, Bill Tupper was the first to begin measurements on Wedgement Glacier. Brooklyn is now continuing this legacy by currently going into Earth Sciences, and going into the field of her predecessors to study the effects of glacial melting in Wedgemount and other regions.

Applications of innovation for future use

Brooklyn will go on to follow in her father and grandfather’s footsteps and continue to monitor glacial melt occurring on the Wedgemount glacier.

Facts about issues being addressed

Wedgemount glacier has one of the fastest rates of glacial melting than any glacier in the region.