Barry and Noah Stevens

3D Wave Design,

Mahone Bay, NS

"We saw a lot of floodplain issues with our reserve Acadia band…We said ‘wow there’s development happening here, people are building near floodplains. Is there not a lot of education about sea level rise?’ And that led to a lot of research on technology around visualizing climate change."

How are they making waves?

Noah Stevens in partnership with his father Barry created 3D Wave Design, an Indigenous-owned 3D animation and communications company.

With his father, Noah has created an innovative 3D modeling/mapping service which predicts climate change outcomes such as coastal erosion, storm surges and flooding.

Applications of innovation for future use

This software will aid Mahone Bay and other regions around the world that are at risk of flooding.

Facts about issues being addressed

The community of Mahone Bay is highly vulnerable to coastal erosion.