Learn about the individuals and organizations on the ground in Squamish - Lillooet working to solve local water challenges, create new approaches or invent new technology solutions to improve water security locally and with global impact.

  • Derek Gilbert

    Derek Gilbert, a PhD candidate at UNBC in the field of hydrology undertook a project to mitigate the effects of increased precipitation in Squamish due to climate change. He and […]

  • Ian Picketts

    Ian Picketts is the Manager of sustainability and Climate change for the District of Squamish. His research includes climate change adaptation in the realm of infrastructure. Specifically he is interested […]

  • Brooklyn Tupper

    Brooklyn Tupper is the grand-daughter and daughter of two acclaimed glaciologists in the Squamish region. Her grandfather, Bill Tupper was the first to begin measurements on Wedgement Glacier. Brooklyn is […]