Learn about the individuals and organizations on the ground in Prince Edward Island working to solve local water challenges, create new approaches or invent new technology solutions to improve water security locally and with global impact.

  • Juliana Granzoti

    Juliana Granzoti, UPEI Climatesense intern is doing work with local watershed groups and community members to encourage knowledge mobilization on climate change related topics. She hopes that by engaging and […]

  • Quinn Howard

    Quinn is working on the ‘Living Shoreline’ project in the Municipality of Victoria to prevent critical infrastructure on PEI’s coastline from being affected by sea-level rise and coastal erosion. Quinn […]

  • Katie Sonier

    Katie is working with the Climatesense lab to identify precipitation patterns and trends using the lab’s weather stations. Katie, along with other members of the lab installed weather stations all […]

  • Catherine Kennedy

    Catherine is conducting coastal erosion measurements across PEI for the ‘Living Shoreline’ project. Catherine is installing pins along coastlines in PEI which are used to gauge the impact of coastal […]