Learn about the individuals and organizations on the ground in Greater Victoria working to solve local water challenges, create new approaches or invent new technology solutions to improve water security locally and with global impact.

  • Abby Hyde

    Abby Hyde is a consultant among other things with Satin Flowers, where she heads orders at the nursery and helps clients decide which plant species will be appropriate for their […]

  • Brandon Williamson

    Brandon Williamson is a volunteer with the Friends of Bowker Creek Streamkeepers.  In his time there he has volunteered to participate in the Chum Salmon Recovery project and is active […]

  • Emilie Petrin

    Emilie Petrin is an apprentice farmer at Metchosin Farms, known for their locally sourced climate change resistant seeds and planting methods.  Emilie came out West from Quebec to pursue her […]