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A researcher’s hub for place-based water knowledge sharing: facts, articles, sector reports, innovation implementation activities, research projects unfolding on the ground, and so much more.


Listen to the voices of Recife, Brazil: a collection of interviews with experts and local changemakers, knowledge sharing podcasts, youth perspectives, and oral histories. Voices brings to life the experiences and understanding of place-based water realities.


Explore Recife’s water story by video, photographic essay, mixed media and more.

  • Transformation with Many Hands

    Secret Garden and Barbara Kreuzig World Water Journey meets Barbara, one of the founders of the Secret Garden who takes us on a tour of how a riverbank site, once ...

  • An Experimental City for the Waters

    INCITI and Capibaribe Park in Jardim do Baobá Through a conversation in the Baobab Garden, Raquel, Djair and Natan, INCITI members share with World Water Journey about the stages of ...

  • What’s in the Mangrove?

     Ilha de Deus (God’s Island) with Chef Negra Linda On a visit to Chef Negra Linda's kitchen, Waterlution's World Water Journey will learn about the history of the Ilha de ...


Learn about the individuals and organizations on the ground in Recife working to solve local water challenges, create new approaches or invent new technology solutions to improve water security locally and with global impact.


Calling all Collaborators and the Global Waterlution Network!

Are you, or someone you know, making waves in the water sector? WaveMakers showcases the individuals who are working to solve local water challenges, create new approaches and developing new technological solutions to improve water security with global impact. They are the changemakers, the action-takers, the creators, the implementers and the mobilizers. If you, or someone you know, want to be featured…

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This is the first phase of World Water Journey, with so much more to come.

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