• Aquatic Species’ Olfactory Physiology & Toxicology

    In the Sault Ste Marie Watershed, chemical contaminants from agriculture and stormwater runoff are impacting the health of aquatic species. We met with Dr. Bill Dew to learn more.

  • Turkey Lakes Watershed Study

    Is acid rain still an issue of concern? Dr. Kara Webster, a Forest Soil Ecologist from the Great Lakes Forestry Centre, speaks to the Turkey Lakes Watershed Study, and how ...

  • Community Engagement Water Quality Testing

    Dr. Elaine Ho-Tassone tells us about the impacts of development on water quality, and different approaches to engaging community members in water quality testing.

  • Whitefish Island a Gathering Place

    Juliana Lesage-Corbiere from Batchewana First Nation shares the history and changes in the waterways near Whitefish Island, and speaks to the impacts of climate change.