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INCITI and Capibaribe Park in Jardim do Baobá

Through a conversation in the Baobab Garden, Raquel, Djair and Natan, INCITI members share with World Water Journey about the stages of the Capibaribe Park project. A project designed to bring the population closer to the Capibaribe River, an important figure in Recife’s identity, as well as to protect and preserve its banks. The phases of execution, the way the project was thought out and tested locally to culminate in the delivery of one of the stages, which is the Baobab garden, are laid out on the table during an afternoon conversation in Recife.

Videographer and editing
HB Produtora

Director and Script
Igor Vieira

Raquel Meneses, Djair Falcão e Natan Nigro from INCITI